Career Dead-End Ahead?

13 Warning Signs That Your Career Might Be Approaching A Dead-End.  Some Pre-Launch Realities.

      by John C. Randall,  Timeless Truth Article #sH18

     You've worked hard to get a good education, a good job, good pay, a good life, and even the economy is encouraging. Your "Plan A" career track for selling your time and talent is working!

     All the signs say, "All is well!" Right?

     Well maybe, but maybe not. After all, who is going to be honest with you and tell you what you don't want to hear?

     Just like a rumble in the distance could be thunder warning of an impending flash flood, or that sound could just be a jet taking off from a nearby airport, there are subtle warning signs that your career track might be about to get washed out -- or it might still be rising.

     But at some point in time, most career tracks will take turns around some blind curves. Then the day comes when you realize that you are faced with a dead-end sign. That is when those subtle warning signs along your "Plan A" career path will become crystal clear to you.

     When does this clarity happen? Your own Career Path Apocalypse is when the inevitable Four Horseman who were waiting on your "Plan A" path will become fully apparent to you:

     >>  You are Over-Paid (and can be replace by 2 younger people).
     >> You are Over-Educated (and know more than your boss).
     >> You are Over-Qualified (and a subtle threat to your bosses job).
     >> You are Over 35 years old (and age discrimination is ahead).

     So, what are some of those subtle warning signs on your "Plan A" career track?   Why not check off how many of them on the list below already apply to you:

   1. Bored and assigned mundane work.
   2. Less frequent raises.
   3. Expected to sacrifice personal or family time for work.
   4. Deadlines becoming more unreasonable.
   5. Less or no training to keep core skills updated.
   6. Accomplishments not recognized or acknowledged.
   7. Your expertise and judgment are not trusted.
   8. Lateral "promotion" or demotion to meaningless staff position.
   9. Micro-managed by incompetent or hostile leader.
10. You are forced into unwanted tasks or traveling assignments.
11. Treated as an outsider or outcast by bosses or leadership.
12. Forced to consider or even take an unwanted relocation.
13. Told to mentor or train your potential replacement(s).

     Your work environment frequently offers warning signs too!  Some examples:

   1. Competent peers tend to quietly quit and leave without warning.
   2. Middle-age bosses get demoted or sent to undesirable locations.
   3. Almost no celebrations of staff or salaried employee retirement.
   4. Unethical behavior of leaders is not corrected or terminated.
   5. Incompetence is justified rather than corrected.
   6. No opportunities for advancement.
   7. Toxic attitudes tolerated and rampant.
   8. Location or company near end of useful life-cycle.
   9. Technology becoming obsolete, not upgraded.
10. Oppressive regulations and negative uncontrollable forces.
11. Lack of local alternatives for comparable or better job.
12. Financial trends and status of employer are shaky or not shared.
13. Out of date inventory, chaos, CYA culture and much more!

     So, can you answer this question, "What will you do when you get a termination notice with your paycheck?"

     You may deny that this can happen, but can you guarantee that it will not?  Who is in control?

     So, really, "What will you do?"

     The reality is that you are already in the business of you. Ask yourself if your employer is truly loyal to you, but still expects full loyalty from you. Your paycheck comes from your job. Your boss (employer) is your primary -- and perhaps only -- customer who pays you for some of your time.

     What is "The Business of YOU"? It is simply this: You are selling some of your own personal time in this life for a paycheck (and maybe some fringe benefits). Your offer is your education, talent, experience and energy. Your hope is that there is progress, and not a dead-end sign just around the next curve in your own career path. Your goal is to achieve a solid net worth before your advancing age takes its inevitable toll on your health. But is that hope realistic, and is that goal possible before your "Plan A" career track comes to an end?

     Are you really better off with just one customer for the hours you use for your income generation, or should you be laying the groundwork now to develop multiple customers for your capability? Can you create a situation where you use technology and other peoples time to deliver results? You only have 24 hours each day. How are you using them?

     Why not do some critical thinking about this. Then simply ask yourself, "Is it time to start working on my own customized, personally tailored, career track Plan B?"

     Sooo .... what is your "Plan B"?

WARNING:  If most of your work life has been with large corporations, the government or other large organizations, a carefully planned and timed transition is essential, otherwise the odds are really stacked against your success.  Take a long moment and think about what you really want, then why, when, where and how will you to do it.  Look again at your job -- it might not be so bad after all.  Do you still want to scratch your itch for career independence?  Save time and stress, just view the FREE Case Study on this web site, take notes, and take the next steps right now.


     John Randall is a chemical engineer who jumped off the traditional corporate career track when he was 43 and since then he has focused on helping others to achieve a higher level of success.  John is a trusted confidential advisor who helps individuals to grab control of their own career, income and time by using his expertise in self-leadership, self-marketing and self-control, based on genuine values and integrity.  He has earned the moniker, "The Consultant's Consultant."  John's clients are from a wide cross-section of ambitious individuals from throughout the United States of America.  His proprietary insights has helped them save time and worry less as they gain their career track independence while also persevering in the spirit of agape love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and most importantly, self-control as they focus on their self-leadership skills while minding the Master (cf. the Gal @ 5:22-23).  If you enjoyed this article, don't forget to view the FREE Case Study and reach out for a free strategy session today.

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