What Does MasterMinder Really Mean?

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Before we talk about the genesis of the word MasterMinder, lets reflect on the gift which is available to all who discover that it is available and accept it.  It does not have a bar code or expiration date.  Quite simply:


The greatest gift that any individual can receive is the good news about Jesus Christ. This gift is free. But for it to be a personal gift to you, it has to be received directly and accepted by you.

If you reject this priceless gift, not only will you have rejected the giver, but there is no refund. Their is no bar code or gift receipt to use to seek a refund. There is no price tag left on this gift. It is priceless, yet free to you. It is of infinite value, yet unseen.

This unique gift is offered from the heart, soul, mind and spirit of the unseen creator who was before the beginning of all that was, is, and ever will be in the universe: God, the father of Jesus Christ. Accept this gift and feel the Spirit that it brings to you: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Reject it and the genuine real meaning of this joyful wisdom cannot be in your life.

So what is this gift? It is an offer for you to be personally adopted into the family of God. This offer is extended to you, no matter what your personal history or behavior has been.

What is the reason for this gift? Each of us was given the breath of life as we know it by God. But because our earliest bloodline forefathers rejected the love of God by ignoring God's perfect rules for living life, we instead have stressful lives that are rooted in the pursuit of survival.  You may have seen the stress take many forms:  marital issues or divorce, financial or job troubles, addictions of all types, care giving of dependents, abuse of any kind, catastrophic loss of health, unexpected expecting of a child, any kind of violence, death of close family or friends, involuntary life changing events, and much more -- all of which are at the root of a mixture of emotions: depression, grief, rejection, hopelessness, fear, anxiety, resentment, anger, frustration, loss of self-control, and more.

But you might ask, what were these perfect rules? At the core, the rules exist because God wants your love. God wants you to treat each other individual like you would like to be treated if your roles in life were suddenly exchanged without warning - and God wants them to treat you likewise. For this to happen, God - the ultimate Father - made those rules very easy to understand:

1. Do not worship any other gods.            Put God first.

2. Do not make any idols.                               Life is more than stuff.

3. Do not misuse the name of God.          Use your words well.

4. Keep the Sabbath holy.                              Use your time well.

5. Honor your father and mother.            Respect your parents (no matter how old you are).

6. Do not murder.                                               Value people.

7. Do not commit adultery.                          Control yourself.

8. Do not steal.                                                    Work hard.

9. Do not lie.                                                         Tell the truth.

10. Do not covet.                                               Be content.

God expects each individual to do their best every day and in every way to obey those rules, but God also knows the consequences of not following those rules: stressful life and eventually, the loss of the breath of life. The three letter word for behavior that does not obey these rules is "sin". Sin results when an individual accepts any temptation to break the rules.

Temptations are very powerful in this life, rules are always broken, and a stressful life and death are the result for each individual. The joy of being in the loving family of God is lost.

Each individual is an outcast, yet also seeks a better way to deal with life, usually through some form of power over others: money, might or mind. Each exercises this power using their own unique experienced personal blend of wisdom, work or wealth. Each gains this experience by a blend of education, entertainment, and in many cases, escapism. Each individual has the freedom to make choices to gain or reject this experience. That freedom is inherent in each individual - and is also impacted directly and indirectly by the choices of other individuals. Abuse of freedom, however, eventually leads to the loss of individual freedom - and one becomes captive to their own sin. The ultimate pursuit of freedom is demonstrated by one who risks - and might even sacrifice - their own life to protect the freedom of others.

So what is the answer for any individual seeking a better way of living life and the joy of living? The answer comes from the original source of all wisdom: the words, acts and ultimate expression of the love of God. That ultimate expression of love was the perfect conception, humble birth, sin-free life, sacrificial death on the Roman executioner's wooden cross, the miracle of rising from the grave three days later and subsequent actions by Jesus Christ, the Lord, and one and only son of God before his ascension forty days later to be once again at God's side. It was God's way to grant each individual who hopes for victory over their own sin the only path to that victory: accepting the ultimate gift: full faith and belief in God's word and the life and teachings of God's son, Jesus Christ.

So how can any individual accept this gift? Well, it starts by thanking the giver, grabbing it and living life accordingly with all of one's ability to do so. Giving thanks is easy for a willing seeker - it is called a prayer.

What is that prayer? It is an expression like this:

"Dear God, I believe you sent your Son to earth to give me a perfect example of love and to die for my sins. Thank you for giving to me so sacrificially. I acknowledge that I have lived my life apart from you. I have sinned against you. Please forgive me and come into my life. I want your peace and your presence. I give my heart to you. Show me what it means to love the way you first loved me. Thank you, God. In Jesus's name I pray. Amen."

If you said this prayer for the first time in your life - and really mean it - there is a celebration in God's home - you have now been adopted just like a child into God's family.

Now be curious like a child and learn a lot more! Linger with the following resources:

F.A.Q. and Questions with Answers:

Question #1: Why is this resource on the MasterMinder® Success System web site?
Answer: The term "master-minder" is applied to users of a personal management system that facilitates the process of optimizing the use of their time in this life. Conceptually it means "mastering" the task of "minding" to the right use of time, with an eye on accomplishment rather than mere activity. Masterminder can be defined as a word that describes one who makes decisions as a beneficial mastermind.

Question #2: What is the key benefit of using The MasterMinder® Success System?
Answer: The MasterMinder® Success System makes it very easy of any individual to address the challenges of setting priorities (making one's choices) and to focus their energy on truly important life and work issues. The fundamental meaning of the term can be expressed as "Master minder", and it is that the one making decisions strives to do so in accord with the intent of minding the real Master and giver of eternal life - the Lord Jesus Christ.

Question #3: What are the core priorities for dealing with the daily choices in life, force ranked from most important to least important?
Answer: The answer is simple, I call it the Seven F's. For a printable PDF copy of them, CLICK HERE, or copy and paste the following link into your browser:


Question #4: Why go to church?
Answer: Why not? If you are wondering about God and perhaps want to know what can a young parent - or grandparent - do for their child that the government ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT DO, then watch and listen to a 30 second action-filled audio-video message, followed by the audio of perhaps the shortest sermon ever delivered by John C. Randall -- all in less than 2 minutes. Simply CLICK HERE or copy and paste the following link into your Internet browser:


For even more insights, CLICK HERE, or copy and paste the following link into your Internet browser:


Question #5: What does the word "Love" really mean?
Answer: Take a few minutes and read the results of a lot of research and the original article by John C. Randall: Just CLICK HERE, or copy and paste the following link into your Internet browser:


Question #6: Where can I find a lot more FREE information about Jesus Christ?
Answer: Just go to http://cTc.tv

Question #7: What is the status of the belief in a higher power in the United States of America?
Answer: It seems that many are reluctant to admit their faith to others. Recently, reported in a 2018 press release, one researcher released a "4 color heat map" of the USA that shows the percentage brackets for people who believe in a higher power. An overview and close ups of sections of the USA may be viewed using the following link:


Please pray for the United States!


The choices of how we use our time in this life can be guided by seeking the mind of the Master in how we use each moment of each day - and working to use the wisdom and wealth that God has granted us to serve and help others in accord with God's rules for life. It is with this intent in mind - and with prayerful reflection - that this endeavor exists and is on the Internet. Your prayers are appreciated. Feel free to help spread awareness of this service using whatever resources and tools that you feel are constructive and positive.

This web site is sponsored by the amazing grace of God and Jesus Christ the Lord.

Finally, would you answer this question: Have you actually read the Christian Holy Bible from cover to cover? Why not? You can even read it for FREE.  Just go to www.BibleGateway.com and pick the translation you wish to read.  The Holy Bible is an eye-opener and reveals the real source of all wisdom, and it is the key to your freedom and future!